Strawberry Cheesecake Eton Mess

Think about it, a deliciously creamy strawberry cheesecake or a fruity, crunchy Eton Mess. With this recipe which combines the two, you’ll never have to choose between these two summer classics again! This recipe makes two desserts, so you can save it for a special, romantic occasion or double the recipe to make enough for the whole family.


300 ml double cream – you can grab your double cream and cream cheese from one of our many producers.
100g cream cheese
300g strawberries – get your fruit from one of Dorset’s top producers. 
2tbsp icing sugar
2 meringue nests (or make your own!)
2 biscuits. Try some from Moores Biscuits or make something a bit more exciting with something from the Great British Biscotti.


Get together some glasses and set them aside. Then crush your biscuits until they resemble crumbs. Crush your meringue nests. Leave these aside and prepare your strawberries.

Hull  half the strawberries and then roughly chop the rest in halves and quarters. Blitz the hulled strawberries with the icing sugar until smooth and then fold through the cream and cream cheese.

Layer the cream into the glasses with the rest of the strawberries, the meringue and biscuits and serve straight away. If you are making these for a party or to eat later, refrigerate for up to two hours.

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