Crowds pour on to Great Field at Poundbury for the August one-day Dorset Food & Arts Festival, founded in the late Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Year, 2012, which was also the year of the London Olympics, with the sailing events at Weymouth. The festival continues to celebrate Dorset’s food and drink and creativity.

The International Taste of our Local Flavours

Celebrating the quality and diversity of food and drink in Dorset (with a pinch of Wiltshire and Somerset) with Fanny Charles.

In Dorset, the Local Flavours column celebrates the county’s rich culinary scene, inspired by Deborah Madison’s celebration of farmers markets across the US. Dorset’s food landscape has evolved with initiatives like Dorset Food & Drink and various festivals showcasing local produce.

The region’s culinary culture embraces diversity, from traditional British fare to global cuisines, reflecting a broad spectrum of tastes.

Key events like the Dorset Food & Arts Festival and Abbotsbury’s food festivals highlight the local gastronomic calendar.

Dorset Food & Drink, part of the Dorset National Landscape, supports local producers and connects residents with the best of Dorset’s food and drink.

It’s a community effort that celebrates local heritage and promotes sustainability.

Caz Richards leads Dorset Food & Drink, focusing on community engagement and celebrating Dorset’s culinary diversity through events and the Flavours Project which  brings people together through food, sharing stories and traditions.

For those interested in experiencing Dorset’s vibrant food scene – local farmers markets and food festivals offer a taste of the region’s best, from artisan cheeses to international dishes.

Discover more at Dorset Food & Drink, where the spirit of local flavours and community thrives.

Read the FULL  article in the January issue of The BV Magazine – here.

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