Tuna and Tomato Pasta Bake | Store cupboard recipes

If you’re stuck indoors during these trying times, you might be opening and closing your cupboards wondering what you can rustle up for dinner using just the ingredients you already have. This series of recipes help you use up those items you might have ignored for a while and are great on a budget!

This recipe takes less than half an hour to make and is freezable, so you could make it in bulk and get several meals out of it!

500g dried pasta
800g chopped tomatoes
200g tinned sweetcorn
3x tins of tuna in spring water
100g cheddar cheese.


Start off by heating your grill to the highest setting and then put a large saucepan or salted water on the hob to boil. Add the pasta and cook for a minute less than the suggested cooking time.

While the pasta is cooking, put a new pan on the hob and start to make a sauce, simmer the tomatoes in a pan for about ten minutes. Season to your taste.

Drain the pasta, but don’t throw away the cooking water and tip back into the saucepan, pour over the sauce, sweetcorn and tuna and a little of the cooking water, give it a stir to mix together and layer into a baking dish. Scatter over grated cheddar cheese between the layers and put under the grill for five minutes until bubbling.

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