War time bread and butter pudding

Following on from our wartime carrot cake recipe, here’s a recipe for bread and butter pudding, using a recipe that takes rationing into account. Apparently, this is enough to feed two people, what do you think?

85g bread
45 g margarine/butter
45g fruit
¾ pints of custard

Luckily for you guys, we aren’t at war and custard from Dorset is amazing, so whether you buy ready-made custard from one of our independent stores or you choose to make your own using milk from one of our farmers, it’ll taste amazing. You can even use bread from one of our bakers rather than supermarket bought bread, so it has a more rustic homemade feel.


Start off by cutting the bread into manageable slices, spread the margarine over each slice and then cut the bread into cubes. Get a baking tray or casserole dish and in it,  arrange the cubes and fruit so it is evenly distributed.

If you plan on making your own custard, you’ll need to set this aside and get cracking, otherwise open the custard and pour to over the top of the bread and fruit mix.

Bake the pudding on a medium heat until the top goes golden and crispy.

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