Yuzu Lemonade

A Fresh Approach for Summer Exclusive to the Wasabi Company

With temperatures set to rise over the next few weeks, keeping cool and hydrated is a must.

This summer, for something refreshing and a little bit different, try new Ramune Yuzu Lemonade, a still, very light and delicately sweet soft drink enriched with a replenishing combination of salts.  It is available exclusively in the UK from The Wasabi Company (with farms in Hampshire and Dorset ) and comes in a revolutionary sustainable cardboard can.

Ramune Yuzu Lemonade is made with 4% yuzu juice from fruit grown on trees in Valencia. The fresh juice (which tastes like a cross between grapefruit and orange), is combined with a salty blend based on the traditional Japanese concept of Nigari.

Nigari is the liquid left after salt has been precipitated from seawater and contains more than 50 types of minerals including calcium, potassium chloride and magnesium chloride, giving it a uniquely bitter taste.  This not only makes it the perfect foil to the citric sharpness of Yuzu, but the combination of salts replenishes minerals and water lost through stress, and sweat, while improving the body’s circulation.  Yuzu Lemonade is the ultimate in refreshment and rehydration!

Not only is Yuzu Lemonade good for you, but the packaging is good for the planet too.  It comes in a distinctive cardboard can; the unique Carto Can® consists of over 70% wood and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper, making it far more sustainable than most canned drinks.

Yuzu Lemonade is perfect for drinking with Japanese and Asian dishes, great to aid recovery after exercise, but it’s also a wonderfully refreshing and revitalising drink simply drunk for pleasure, or perhaps when you’ve overindulged and need a rehydrating boost, after all, it is festival season!

A 250ml can of Yuzu Lemonade can be bought for £2.25 from www.thewasabicompany.co.uk.  Take a refreshing approach to summer and keep hydrated with delicious Yuzu Lemonade.

Did you know The Wasabi Company is the only grower of wasabi in the UK with farms in Hampshire and Dorset? But this family-owned business has worked with the world’s best chefs to develop an incomparable range of over 400 authentic Japanese products.  They’ve carefully selected items from some of the best artisanal producers in the country so that there is everything you need in one place to enjoy Japanese cuisine at home from a ‘basic’ miso to a 38-year aged Soy Sauce.

Yuzu Lemonade is just the latest addition to the range.  www.wasabicompany.co.uk


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