Create the ultimate Christmas cheeseboard

As we start getting closer to the big day, you might be wondering which cheeses to add to this year’s menu. Here’s everything you need to know to build the ultimate cheeseboard.

When it comes to building a cheeseboard, consider variation and try to include lots of different textures and flavours, for instance, one hard cheese, one soft cheese and one with a stronger flavour. Make sure to include some complementary flavours like fruit, chutney, bread and olives.

While we expect to see some variety on a cheeseboard, serve each cheese with their own knife so you can really experience the flavour of each one. To assemble your board, unwarp the cheese and remove it from the fridge an hour before you’re ready to serve so that it can settle with the room temperature.

What are your options?

Soft Cheese
No board is complete without a soft cheese of some kind. Brie is one of the best loved of the soft varieties and one of the easiest to find.

Goat’s Cheese
Soft and tangy, a goat’s cheese will cover several bases. For something a bit different, why not give a sheep cheese a try this year?

Blue Cheese
For a bit of flavour, add a blue cheese. Stilton has a crumbly, creamy texture with fruity undertones which makes it ideal for the festive season. Blue Vinny is the most iconic Dorset blue cheese, so get some to give your board a Dorset twist.

Smoked Cheese
These cheeses are good for adding a different flavour and texture to your board. They’re also a great option for eating with crackers and chutney.

Mature Cheese
Pick a Cheddar style cheese for the less adventurous of your guests, these cheeses are classic, so they have to appear really!

There are some incredible cheese producers all across Dorset. Check them out here. 

No cheeseboard is complete without some wine.

Here are a few options to perfectly complement your board.

For Goat’s Cheese – fruity flavours work well with soft cheeses.

For Blue Cheese – for these cheeses, you want something a little more mellow.

For Smoked Cheese – go for a juicy red to really accentuate that flavour.

For Hard Cheese – pick something with a little spice.

For Soft Cheese – try something bubbly like champagne or a prosecco.

Find Dorset’s best wine producers and merchants here.

Need a few extras for your cheeseboard to give it that extra something, find locally produced chutneys here. Don’t forget, if you need a tasty gift or two, make sure to visit the Dorset Food and Drink shop early to get your gifts in time for Christmas.

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