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Rampisham, Dorchester DT2 0PP, UK

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Capreolus Fine Foods is an award winning, family owned artisan charcuterie maker in Rampisham, West Dorset. We specialise in the production of traditional charcuterie combined with a flair and an instinct for flavour and the use of state-of-the-art modern techniques to make our cured, air dried and smoked meats. Quality and provenance are of the utmost importance to us and we source locally bred and reared meat from traditional breeds wherever possible from the West Country.
All of our products are created using age old traditional techniques. Air drying is carried out in temperature and humidity controlled rooms and smoke is used to enhance the flavour.
Our award winning product range includes cold-smoked wild venison and mutton, air-dried beef, pancetta, lardo, guanciale, air-dried ham, air-dried pork loin, a range of several different types of salami, confit of duck, confit duck gésiers, smoked duck and chicken breast, and 3 different dry cures for our bacon. Our seasonal range also includes pheasants, partridge, duck salami and wild boar products.
At Capreolus Fine Foods, it is critically important to us where the meat we use comes from, who raised them, how they have been cared for and that the meat has been sourced in a humane way. Much of our meat is supplied by local farmers and the venison is all locally shot fallow from wild herds. Wherever possible, we work to reduce waste in the food system. We also make sure that our products are in accordance with the seasons, to ensure that everything is as fresh and of the highest quality possible.
You can find our charcuterie at a variety of shops and restaurants across the UK as well as via our online shop and at events and markets that take place throughout the year. Find details on our website.
Capreolus Fine Foods derives its name from the Roe deer whose Latin name is Capreolus capreolus.

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