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The amazing Aston chef’s sharpener with suction pad sharpens knives whilst maintaining the correct angle, providing a smooth and accurate cutting blade. The amazing sharpener will bring old blades back to new, extending the life of your knife and removing the need to buy new.

The suction pad secures the sharpener to any smooth surface allowing sharpening to be carried out safely. The amazing sharpener is effective on a wide variety of blades such as standard chef’s/kitchen knives, serrated knives, carving knives, cleavers and even blades that are usually problematic to sharpen such as pizza wheels! As well as effectively sharpening many grades of steel and carbon the amazing sharpener will even sharpen hardened plastic vegetable knives. It is the ideal tool for professional and amateur chefs alike and also makes for a brilliant gift for anyone who enjoys cooking.

The new amazing one sided sharpener is designed with an angle to sharpen one sided blades such as kitchen scissors and bone cutters and is a great addition to any kitchen.

Sharpeners are £15.00 each plus £3.50 P&P

Jason has lived locally in Dorset for 30 years, he supplies many local restaurants, hotels, B&B’s and fishermen with his sharpener and has received excellent feedback from the industry. He has many loyal customers throughout Dorset and the Southwest and enjoys attending local events and supporting other local businesses.

Remember a sharp knife is a safe knife! You’ll soon wonder how you every managed without these Amazing Sharpeners!

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