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38 Abbotsbury Road, Weymouth, Dorset, UK, DT4 0AE

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Welcome to Weymouth 51
At Weymouth 51 we are so excited this year with our elite well-sourced collection of wonderful chilli seeds we have to work with. Bringing you bespoke handcrafted products we feel will not be obtainable by other companies apart from us. The thoughtful blending and fermentation requirements take time, love and a lot of care. We are slowly developing our range of chilli related products with the customer “You!” at the forefront of our mind. We are always open-minded for new ideas and approaches from others to better ourselves as an expanding young enthusiastic company.

Our Values
A grown up approach to a wonderful, colourful, exciting and delicious world of chillies.
Simplicity, innocence and honesty are paramount in everything we produce. Our sauces depend on availability, locality, freshness and our demand for producing unique handcrafted products right here in Weymouth.
We are growing 51 varieties of chillies on land begged or borrowed from friends. After that a natural progression of creativity, sauce making and bottling take place. Weymouth 51 strives to be a front runner every year reaching out to the growing market of passionate food lovers.

Our Lovely Growing Room
Our hydroponics delight are blossoming and fruiting amazing well in their control environment at the moment. Really really exciting and educational trying out alternative ways of growing. Chillies getting fatter daily, can’t wait for really early season pink tigers, welsh dragons, peach scorpions and so many more.

Our Story
We are food lovers who enjoy quality food and exciting flavour. We used to grow some of our own vegetables and found chilli the most interesting. We have never been satisfied by supermarket chilli sauce and not impressed with the vast range of skull and crossbones burn your face off style sauces online which are too insane for most people to enjoy.
Until one sunny spring time, we started growing our 51 varieties of chilli under the beautiful Jurassic sunshine and created our own sauces. And Weymouth 51 is born. We use vintage and natural fermentation methods, the finest sourced ingredients and no preservatives. A sauce that you are able to enjoy the heat as well as the depth of flavours. Natural, fruity and aromatic. We identify our vegan friendly products.

Hot & spicy regards from company owner Wing Tamlyn.

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